We believe that there is a need for mass organised collective action regarding data: to defend and manage personal and population-wide data.
Data Union Fork: Tools for data strike
Documentation in progress
1. Discovery: interface design, decode OS white papers, co-design papers, data commons, ARM boards survey, zenroom&zencode, Barcelona pilot, Github code for coconut, zencode, wallets, Barcelona Decidim platform, etc
Decode pilots
Unionising graphs
2. Workshops: Focusing on gathering information on general public level of understanding the problem: the surveillance, data collection, profiling, GDPR, education about historical unionising methods, software design methods and generating ideas for collective response in such-a circumstances. Making time to examine what are rules & how do they manifest in political, social, economic and legislative contexts.
Workshop guide
Waag 28/02/19
Post 1st ws
Studio preps
Workshop pads
Pseodocode tests
Waag 25/04/19
Post 2nd ws
Mid-term report
3. Installation: Participation taken from analogue (workshops) to digital domain - as understanding of tools has changed during the residency - it has become more pressing to raise issues of self organising, mobilise public and focus on people rather than snazzy technical wizardry.
Picket line
Trolley growth
More trolleys
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4. Acknowledgments: The project would not have existed without Dr Amit Rai and Smon Crab, with whom I have worked on the original Data Union idea in 2012/13. Special thanks to DECODE project, in particular to Francesca Bria and Jaromil Roio for out-of-this world inspiration and dedication to the Free Software culture and practice as well as all in Waag society for continued support throughout the residency. Many thanks to Louise Enjalbert and Pierre-Xavier Puissant for looking after me during this residency, Ilze Black for her video documentation direction and production and Lisa Haskel for reflection, advice and friendship.