Peer production and local governance through the Blockchain

Local Ledger - 29th March at Raylab, London with Lara, Lisa, Teresa, Alexei, Pete, Amit, Mikey, Ruth

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Trust ceases to exist in social institute. Screams of terrorism.


What about the balance between trust (consensus) and coorcien. Trust is human - to do with moral virtue.


Trust is a constantly performed, reestablished, shifting connections over time and different materials. A fluid mess of human understanding. There always was a human with a vested interest of trust. We have come to believe that tax is done for the public good this kitty is good and it is ours and we get benefit for it, but there is a group of people spending this kitty with dubious possibilities for influencing it - to observe, take part or influence. Representative democracy, public interest replaced by personal vested interest, George Osborne declaring that he will be editor of a London paper (normalised so quickly). Corruption more apparent and obvious - of every possible institution. Consensus between the miners - a consensual algorithm that defines the consensus between the authenticity of a certain chunk.

TRUST - definition Firm belief in the reliability, truth, or ability of someone or something. "relations have to be built on trust". Allowing public to engage in financial transaction of their own individual council tax contribution through an online portal that allows people to agree the distribution of collective funds.

Local Ledger workshop

How would you mobilise people to discuss and how budgets would be distributed, how would you enable bidding systems, how do you tenders and services?

What if while paying a simple thing such as council tax, we get council coin, at the moment all we get is proof of payment, we get a spending currency at the moment they collect the currency and spend it on our behalf, instead of us buying it for ourselves, the way the funds are distributed would come under our scrutiny and influence.

We can buy or not buy, on tender basis or obligatory basis. Why can't we use current systems, to do Lumio, Someone else could. All these shops have only advisory power.

Having an instrument of influence or participation.


Buget projection

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