Peer production and local governance through the Blockchain

Local Ledger - 29th March at Raylab, London with Lara, Lisa, Teresa, Alexei, Pete, Amit, Mikey, Ruth

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Lara's introduction

Teresa on Theatre of Oppressed

The shared drawing

A few people know a lot - and understand that it changes everything for ever, most people know nothing, the tzar, capital captures flows of value by halting them and cutting, putting all life and living things on the block, framing payment of tax - plan view of the street - "I mistook your plan of buildings for windows in a night skyscraper" Sun coming out of the clouds (optimism). Anger is a prevalent sense - it is provoking (Libertarian response to institutional corruption) and provoked by (people who are disenfranchised) the technology.

People will say "its already sealed - no one asked me! how come all this is like this?" Disjunct between the extension and development of blockchain and the obvious lack of knowledge even amongst experts. Direct translation of council tax that is a pot of money to fund infrastructure and services and the production of space. Clocks on everything cos on the blockchain place is also a time (ordering everything on a historic timeline). Positive about gaining trust and transparency but also worried about power - decentralised infrastructure does not equate to decentralised power. As we try and think about what it feels like to not know about a. We can use our hindsight to consider what impact the web had. We can't unpick it. We going to become something in social relations embedded in questions of debt, finance, measure and we will develop new habits around them widespread long lasting impacts. Lived space could be transformed. Blockchain could be obsessed with measure. Radical traditions of emancipation - revolutionary becoming. We becoming through them. What are we becoming - what are our capacities individually and collectively

Alexei on his idea for the Local Ledger

From the beginning

Blockchain is a device that breaks fundamental grounds. So far humans coexist in coherent society through conveyance of trust through religion or government. Monopoly of trust is now broken, not the prerogative of any human being or group, trust has been delegated to an algorithm - [a mathematical entity] that has no interest. We have arrived to a truth (the all encompassing truth). No longer brought to us by God but exists within maths - that doesn't belong to a particular intellect. A divine object in itself - not present anywhere in particular. If you like:
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